Friday, April 3, 2009

Women around the world.

Our presentation I felt opened up some eyes. Beauty is a word that communities and cultures define. Of course some people feel different about the cultural norms. People come in all shapes and sizes but as we look around we can see that conforming to what we perceive as beautiful is considered normal. I found an article about women around the world and where the happiest and most confident women are. I found some things about different regions and what they are commonly known for. For example the Central America has the most plastic surgery's. Whereas Asians have the fewest. I also found that Women from Africa have some of the least amount of confidence. Around the world you can find highs and lows everywhere. Hearing about Bolly Wood and some of their traditions and cultural norms. It is fascinating to see the difference in movies and what they allow and accept. To Americans it would be outrageous to find women not kissing their men but being viewed as rape victims. Also women being so mindless would be an outrage.


Shalyn Schumann said...

McKenzie wrote her blog about our presentation too. I thought that it really was an interesting topic! I liked doing the research about it and comparing what is viewed as "beauty" throughout the world. It's crazy how beauty is defined and also the lengths that people will go to be beautiful. I really wonder why we all want to be beautiful? Why does it matter?

The Butler said...

I find it so interesting that women are viewed so differenly within the culture they are in. But, I will say that I think no matter what culture you are in there is no excuse for treating women porely and or abusing them. Sense we are intelligent beings that is something that should be common knowledge.

Brown Family! said...

That is a very good point that you braught up! It is very interesting to see the different women around the world and see what is beauty in their own eyes. It really opens ones eyes when considering what beauty really is. It is interesting the facts that you found as well! when considering those facts, i can really see how they can be very true!