Friday, April 17, 2009

No logo

I started thinking about the movie/book no logo. I was watching in the film how a couple times to introduce a new topic they put the no logo design in the film several times. As if no logo was a logo. I think companies that establish themselves with a logo as most of them due is really important. For example I have watched in the 3 years I have been at Utah Valley University come up with several slogans and logos attached with all the changes. We got the UVU design with the state of Utah inside the first U. We also have the wolverine going back to the mascot that many colleges rely on. We are starting a relatively new slogan that is called engaged. This is trying to get people thinking of the word engaged associate it with the school and understand what it represents. I think that having a clean simple logo is what gets remembered. Something that can relate to the product. For example how simple is Target's which is just a plain red target. Or there is Nike that has its swoosh. I have noticed the more detailed the symbol or logo is the more often it is forgotten. The book/movie was a good reminder of how influenced we are by brands. And high quality in products is often what is percieved through brand recognition.

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