Friday, March 27, 2009


I thought that today's presentation was interesting. The candid opinions of children and how they have changed over the years. This makes me realize how children just spit out information that they know. Nothing dramatic has changed they are still watching cartoons,Disney channel, playing with barbies,video games etc. And for the most part parents are still teaching core values to children. What has changed is the demand from adults to change how their children view what is being portrayed on the television. We have seen a change in cartoons and television shows in my opinion for the better. As well as a change in video games once again in my opinion for the worse. It seems to me like kids are being taught to be more open minded than they once were. We are accepting norms that 10 years ago did not exist. Understanding how much children absorb during there young years is why we need to be aware and cautious about what is seen in the media.


B*Marie said...

Have you heard all the fuss about Dora The Explorer growing up!? Parents are up in arms about it and that is something I just don't understand!

Kim said...

Kids are more open-minded. There are definetly postive and negative issues about this. The media has a huge influence on kids and lets just hope parents are monitoring what their kids watch.