Friday, March 13, 2009


Our class discussion has got me thinking about the importance of logos. I have found it interesting, which ones work well to help sell the brand. I have noticed a lot of the time the more simple the logo the more it is remembered. I have noticed a change in clothing apparel with words and logos. I think more companies have been using their symbol to tell what the clothing brand is then to write out the company’s name. In the 90’s and early 2000’s often times you would see clothing with the name of the company written all over it. When we did the class experiment on finding how many logos we could find I kept looking at apparel and found that not a lot of what people were wearing had the name of the company. I shop a lot and know what a lot of the symbols for different designers are. But if someone does not have the knowledge about designer logos then it is not benefiting the company. I don’t think we realize how many we really see in a day until we are looking for them. My husband often makes fun of me for liking some of the brands that I buy. For example I think Juicy has a really fun cute style. They are over priced especially for their products. I have bought over $100 t-shirts that have fallen apart at the seams. I have also bought very expensive jewelry that has rusted over time. I love their style but the products are not holding up. They have convinced buyers that their products are good quality because of their expensive value. People need to decide for themselves if the price is worth the product.

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ASUMI said...

It was very interesting to resarch for logs!!I have noticed a change in clothing apparel with words and logos .